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Collagen Face Mask

كولاجين ماسك للبشره 

proto-col Collagen Face Mask is a powerful anti-aging formula to enhance skin's resilience and remove the visible signs of aging. It will:
  • Make your skin silky smooth
  • Reduce lines and wrinkles
  • Strengthen and tone your skin
  • Improve circulation
  • Increase your production of collagen
This advanced new natural facial mask using three types of collagen - royal jelly, aloe vera and hydrolyzed silk proteins - in a formulated treatment that seems deeply into the skin.




Product Nr: C 7

How many facial mask?


proto-col Collagen Face Mask reduces the visible lines and wrinkles while it has healing properties and moisturize the skin. By using the face mask so you can expect a healthy-looking skin within weeks. While wearing the mask so you can feel a nice lifting power as a result of the natural ingredients that work together to improve skin quality.




How often do I use proto-col Collagen Face Mask?


You can use proto-col Collagen Face Mask as often as you feel. It is designed to be used twice a week, but some users feel that one treatment a week gives excellent results and improve both skin tone and appearance.















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